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Employees: Read Before Signing On the Dotted Line

If you are negotiating the terms of a new job, a promotion or an exit package,  you need to read […]

The Great Resignation: Proceed Carefully Before You Resign

Each day there are more and more stories of people quitting their jobs without another job.  As an employment lawyer, […]

Should Employers Tell At-Will Employees The Reason They Are Terminating Them Even If They Are Not Legally Required To Do So?

In my view, yes! Why? Losing a job is one of the most stressful, emotionally wrenching, financially harmful things that […]

If an Employer Doesn’t Properly Protect Employee’s Confidential Medical Information, Watch Out For Lawsuits

Hey employers. If you know that a group of your employees are unvaccinated or tested positive for COVID-19, should you […]

Not Monitoring Rogue Managers and Being The Subject Of A Viral Video Is Not The Way To Build A Positive Workplace Culture

A NJ restaurant chain has learned the hard way the importance of overseeing their managers and staying in touch with […]