Department of Labor

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NJ Department of Labor Shuts Down 27 Boston Market sites  in New Jersey for Failure to Pay Wages

In case any employer in NJ thinks the NJ Department of Labor won’t exercise its authority to shut down a […]

Fried-Grodin Updates Human Resources Professionals on Constantly Changing Employment Laws.

While the COVID-19 pandemic might be behind us, legislators have been busy making up for lost time ushering in new […]

Major Changes Coming April 10 For Large Employers With Group Layoffs in New Jersey

Employers with 100 or more employees have a more complicated, expensive path to follow before laying off groups of 50 […]

NJDOL Targeting Industries with History of Pay and Misclassification Violations In New Strategic Enforcement Effort

The New Jersey Department of Labor has launched what it describes as a proactive, data-driven enforcement initiative aimed at stopping […]

NJ Attorney General Says NJ Discrimination Law Provides Various Rights and Workplace Protections for Those with Monkeypox

The NJ Attorney General has issued guidance that makes it clear that it deems the monkeypox virus to be a […]

NJ Supreme Court to Employers: A Sham Paper Trail Won’t Protect You if You Misclassify Employees as Independent Contractors

The New Jersey Supreme Court has just sent a strong message to companies that try to justify classifying workers as […]