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Lisa Fried-Grodin named to Super Lawyers and Top Lawyer in Essex County, NJ Lists

Fried-Grodin Employment Law is thrilled to announce that Lisa Fried-Grodin, owner of the firm, has been named to the Super […]

FTC Aims to End All Noncompete Agreements

In June 2021, President Biden issued an executive order encouraging the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) to use its statutory authority […]

NJDOL Targeting Industries with History of Pay and Misclassification Violations In New Strategic Enforcement Effort

The New Jersey Department of Labor has launched what it describes as a proactive, data-driven enforcement initiative aimed at stopping […]

NJ Attorney General Says NJ Discrimination Law Provides Various Rights and Workplace Protections for Those with Monkeypox

The NJ Attorney General has issued guidance that makes it clear that it deems the monkeypox virus to be a […]

NJ Supreme Court to Employers: A Sham Paper Trail Won’t Protect You if You Misclassify Employees as Independent Contractors

The New Jersey Supreme Court has just sent a strong message to companies that try to justify classifying workers as […]

Employees: Read Before Signing On the Dotted Line

If you are negotiating the terms of a new job, a promotion or an exit package,  you need to read […]

The Great Resignation: Proceed Carefully Before You Resign

Each day there are more and more stories of people quitting their jobs without another job.  As an employment lawyer, […]

Should Employers Tell At-Will Employees The Reason They Are Terminating Them Even If They Are Not Legally Required To Do So?

In my view, yes! Why? Losing a job is one of the most stressful, emotionally wrenching, financially harmful things that […]

Falsifying Time Records and Pressuring Employees to Lie to DOL Is Not the Way to Handle a Wage Investigation

When  the US or a state’s  Department of Labor wants to investigate wage and hour violations, they almost always find […]

Lisa Fried-Grodin Named to Super Lawyers and Top Lawyers in Morris County Lists

Lisa Fried-Grodin has been named to the 2022 Super Lawyer List in New Jersey for Labor and Employment law for […]

If an Employer Doesn’t Properly Protect Employee’s Confidential Medical Information, Watch Out For Lawsuits

Hey employers. If you know that a group of your employees are unvaccinated or tested positive for COVID-19, should you […]

Not Monitoring Rogue Managers and Being The Subject Of A Viral Video Is Not The Way To Build A Positive Workplace Culture

A NJ restaurant chain has learned the hard way the importance of overseeing their managers and staying in touch with […]