Department of Labor

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Texas Federal Court Just Blocked the DOL New Salary Requirements for Exempt State Employees in Texas, What Does the Future Look Like for Other Employers Across the Country? 

On Friday, a federal court in Texas ruled that the U.S. Department of Labor exceeded its authority in creating a […]

Don’t Rush to the Beach Before You Hear Whether Salaries for Exempt Employees are Going up July 1!

The countdown has begun! It’s two business days before the U. S Department of Labor’s proposed new salary thresholds for […]

NJ Department of Labor Shuts Down 27 Boston Market sites  in New Jersey for Failure to Pay Wages

In case any employer in NJ thinks the NJ Department of Labor won’t exercise its authority to shut down a […]

NJ Supreme Court to Employers: A Sham Paper Trail Won’t Protect You if You Misclassify Employees as Independent Contractors

The New Jersey Supreme Court has just sent a strong message to companies that try to justify classifying workers as […]

Falsifying Time Records and Pressuring Employees to Lie to DOL Is Not the Way to Handle a Wage Investigation

When  the US or a state’s  Department of Labor wants to investigate wage and hour violations, they almost always find […]