Falsifying Time Records and Pressuring Employees to Lie to DOL Is Not the Way to Handle a Wage Investigation

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July 14, 2022 | By: Lisa I. Fried-Grodin, Esq.

When  the US or a state's  Department of Labor wants to investigate wage and hour violations, they almost always find violations.  For a small business, the thousands of dollars  in fines and backpay  ordered as a result of one of these audits/investigations can be financially crippling. 

Trying to outsmart the DOL by instructing employees to lie to the agency and fabricating false time records is not the way to  defend your business In a DOL investigation or audit. Two retailers in Queens, NY are being accused of just that in a lawsuit the US DOL filed to stop such conduct.

Now a federal court has issued a restraining order requiring these businesses to stop threatening and retaliating against employees and obstructing the investigation.  I can't imagine the penalties and fines are going to be small when this is over.

If you are unsure if you are paying your employees correctly, contact Fried-Grodin Employment Law before anyone complains about it, and if the DOL audits your business, we can help you navigate the process.